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Cozy and sophisticated...the perfect musical compliment for the Season.
'Anticipating Christmas' is genuine and warm like a favourite winter sweater. Holiday melodies we know and love, sentimental favourites re-visited, thoughtful lyrics and evocative new compositions are all featured here. This Holiday collection will set the perfect mood for nights by the fire, entertaining friends, wrapping gifts, and celebrating all the good things during the festive time of year.

1 Winter Wonderland
2 I'll Be Home For Christmas
3 Thanks You Mrs. Claus
4 Blue Christmas
5 Winter Walk
6 The Colours Of Christmas
7 If Each Day Were Christmas
8 I Saw Tree Ships
9 Sleigh Ride
10 The Christmas Song


Anticipating Christmas CD
Richard Knechtel: Anticipating Christmas



CD review by John Gardiner

If asked to categorize Canadian singer/songwriter Richard Knechtel’s new CD, “Carrot”, I would have to say it’s simply GREAT MUSIC. Smart lyrics, catchy melodies, spirited instrumental solos - it has everything it takes to make a terrific recording.

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1 Swimming Pool
2 Carrot on a Stick
3 Hangin' Around my Head
4 Walk on Water
5 Higher
6 Blue Moon Motel
7 I'm Sorry Charlene
8 She's Evil
9 Outside In
10 Freedom
11 Happy Lives

Richard Knechtel: Carrot




Canadian performer Richard Knechtel has recorded a dynamic, exciting album. There seems to be a dominant theme of getting the most out of life, not standing still and letting life pass you by.
Knechtel has assembled a top-rate band to back him on this acoustic release. The basic melodies are simple but the interplay of harmonica, mandolin and violin enhance each tune and the thoughtful lyrics are anything but simple.
~ Linen Shorts - Dirty Linen

1 Lone Wolf Howling
2 People
3 September Waltz
4 Lakeshore Road
5 Song After Midnight
6 Travel On
7 Happy Lad
8 After the Fall
9 Somebody Like Her
10 Sand and Sea




Here’s a potpourri of fun tracks with an abundance of energy that’s sheer entertainment.
~ Walt Grealis - RPM Weekly

Insistently buoyant, the CD is a pleasant collection of 13 songs about love, friendship, some of the world’s persistent problems and remember-when nostalgia.
~ Robert Reid - KW Record

A diverse set of songs featuring strong musicianship and production. Richard has a warm voice that is accentuated by the rhythmic driving of the instrumentation. A welcome addition to the Knechtel collection of thoughtful lyrics.
~ Carolyn Stewart - Soundwright

1 Carry a Song
2 Wait
3 Like an Old Friend
4 Scugogin'
5 Zocalo
6 This
7 The Wrong Way
8 What I Should Do
9 On the Beach
10 Cheap Imitation
11 1969
12 How'd We Ever ...
13 If I Only Knew



Knechtel decided for this CD that he wanted to work one-on-one with musicians he had seen and admired at various folk festivals including Walt Maynard, Wendell Ferguson, Paul Mills, Tom Leighton, James Gordon Ian Tamblyn and David Woodhead.
Working with so many different styles of musicians gave each of the 12 songs a feel of their own yet together add up to a winning Canadian Folk combination.
~ Lori Ross - Sound Waves

This is a warm, funny, thoughtful CD filled with songs that celebrate absolutely simple things in life.
~ Claudia Staines - Mosaic

The Walkerton-based singer/songwriter is a clever wordsmith without drawing attention to his craft, Similarly, his voice and musicianship (guitar, piano, keyboards, bass and harmonica) are no less effective for being warm, informal and understated.
~ Robert Reid - K-W Record

1 The Hockey Tune
2 Like Father/Like Son
3 Going Home
4 Missing You
5 Make the World (Beautiful)
6 The Strangest Thing
7 A Lot to Learn
8 Folka Polka
9 Downtown in Fullarton
10 Gordie McLean
11 Ay Paddy
12 Angel of Love



Contact: • 519-881-3583 • Box 434 Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0